1. Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body (JWSRB)
    Board Member of Legal cum Secretary (June 2012 – June 2015).
    Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body (Badan Regulator Pelayanan Air Minum DKI Jakarta) is an independent and professional institution. JWSRB established based on:

    • Article 51 of Cooperation and Agreement between PAM JAYA with PALYJA & AETRA (as Amended and Restated as of 22 October 2001) concerning Clean Water Supply and Service Improvement of Jakarta.
    • Laws of Governor of DKI Jakarta No. 118/2011 concerning Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body.
    • Governor of DKI Jakarta Decree No. 893/2012 concerning Appointment of Member of Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body.

    JWSRB consisting of 5 members selected by fit & proper test conducting by DKI Jakarta Government. All members appointed for 3 (three) years of services with equal rights and reporting to Governor of DKI Jakarta.
    (Not Government Employee or Civil Servant).

  2. PT. Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906, Tbk (BANK SAUDARA)
    Head of Corporate Communications. Corporate Secretary (2011).
  3. PT. Bank Bukopin Tbk
    • Investor Relations Coordinator (2010).
    • Compliance (Asst. Manager – Manager) (2003-2010).
    • Officer Development Program Batch VII (2002-2003).